The First Assessment Designed Specifically For Personal Trainers Is Coming…

Are you a personal trainer that’s learned all the movement assessments out there but feel like none of them work well for your clients?

Do you struggle to know exactly which exercises are best for your new clients to get them started safely and without pain?

Have you been looking for the perfect way to create client programs that improve their movement and get results without spending half the workout doing corrective exercises or warm-up drills?

If so, it’s not your fault and help is on the way.

The initial assessment is one of the most important factors when starting a new client or re-starting an old one. It sets the tone for your working relationship, reveals any pain or movement inabilities, and tells you exactly which exercises should make up the client’s first program.

But there’s one big problem, most assessments out there right now don’t do a good job accomplishing all 3 of these outcomes. They fall short on at least one of the three and fail to serve trainers in a way that makes their job easier, not harder.

Some get you hunting for all the things that are “wrong” with a client and encourage you to fix these with rehab exercises before training them hard, but this leaves clients bored and paranoid about being “broken.”

Others might focus on identifying what exercises or movements clients can do but offer no clear direction on exactly which variation is best for their abilities or body type. You’ll have a place to start, but it won’t always be the best one.

While we’ve come a long way in creating assessments to identify how clients move, we’ve yet to design one for trainers that’s simple to perform, quick to understand, and easy to use for designing initial client programs. At least until now.

If you’re tired of piecing together multiple assessments, using too many drills and exercises to fix deficiencies, or not knowing exactly which exercises to use with clients right from the get-go, then the Movement Performance Assessment is designed specifically for you.

The Movement Performance Assessment Includes:

7 Movement Tests That Resemble Actual Exercise

Simple And Fast Testing Procedures

Immediate Feedback On Ideal Exercises For Clients

16 Hours Of Continuing Education Credits 

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Hey, Coach Nick here.

I designed the MPA because I couldn’t find an assessment that I thought helped trainers like me look at the things that matter most. I needed a way of finding exactly what my clients could do right away so I build their first program without exercises that were too easy or ones that could cause pain.

No complicated tests that didn’t resemble actual exercises.

No telling clients that they’re broken in 5 different ways.

Just simple and effective ways to find the perfect exercise fit for each and every client quickly and easily.

If you’ve been looking for the same thing, then enter your info below and I’ll keep you posted on the release of the MPA and the details needed to add it to your trainer toolbox. Don’t worry, It’s almost ready!

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